Find Your Next Job With Predictive Recruiting™

Are you looking for your next position? Have you already spent hours sifting through job postings, trying to find the exact right match for your skills, experience and career aspirations? And do you spend your free time researching companies online, trying to find out what their company cultures are like?

If this sounds familiar, then you’ll be pleased to learn that there’s a better way to approach your job search — with our Predictive Recruiting™ methodology. Here’s what you need to know.

Traditional Job Searches Take Time

Even in today’s market where skills are scarce and talent call the shots, most job seekers have to fill out quite a few job applications before being invited for an interview — even if they’re working with a staffing agency. In fact, according to some sources, the job search process takes more than six weeks, depending on what industry you’re in. What’s more: From the moment you get an interview to the moment you’re offered a job takes more than 23 days, according to Glassdoor. And if you’re not offered a job or if you don’t feel the company’s a match, then you have to start your search all over again.

Leveraging AI to Turn the Traditional Job Search on Its Head

Now, let’s talk technology. We all know that advanced technology is changing how we live and work — but did you know that when applied appropriately, it can also streamline your job search?

At RecruitingScience®, we use an AI-powered, self-learning platform for predictive modeling. Of course, the value of predictive modeling is that if you analyze sufficient data, you can predict possibilities and probabilities of future events. This methodology has been used successfully for decades by leading companies in a range of industries, including online advertising.

With our Predictive Recruiting™ methodology, we take predictive modeling one step further and combine it with AI that becomes smarter the more data it gets. Our platform analyzes all of the information on your résumé and professional profiles and searches global data to find positions and companies where your skills and experience are a match. What’s more: It’s constantly assimilating new data, so it keeps finding new matches for you.

It’s important to understand that because it’s self-learning, the platform is dynamic. That means that unlike aggregate job boards, it doesn’t necessarily keep listing the same types of results. For example, let’s say you have a skill listed on your résumé, one that’s not immediately recognized. When the skill suddenly pops up in more job ads, the platform learns the skill is in demand and provides you with additional job results.

At the same time, if you change your own search parameters, the platform automatically adjusts to your new settings. For example, if you decide to look for a job in a different city, the platform will immediately provide you with relevant results.

Our platform is unlike others out there because it eliminates the waste of time and effort associated with traditional job searches. As soon as you input your data, it comes up with realistic potential matches for you — and you’re free to explore those opportunities at your convenience.

Maximize Your Career Potential

Whether you’re actively looking for a new position or simply waiting for the right opportunity to come along, Predictive Recruiting™ enables you to conduct your job search in a way that eliminates waste and maximizes your career potential. Contact us to learn more.