Information for Employers & Hiring Managers

RecruitingScience provides quality and experienced employees. All candidates are carefully screened and evaluated by the RecruitingScience staff of experienced professionals with appropriate subject matter expertise.


Scope of Capabilities

Our client base includes software companies, platform solutions providers, online advertising companies and publishers, eCommerce retailers, interactive agencies, web design firms, real-estate firms, banks and other financial institutions, manufacturers, and technology and management consulting firms to name a few.  Virtually all commercial product and service enterprises conducting business online are within the scope of our recruiting capability. We are quite proud of our record in this regard.

Subject Matter Expertise

It is important when recruiting candidates that your valuable time is taken into consideration by your staffing partners. We know this, and that is why we will always send qualified applicants with the proper subject matter expertise. In many cases, we will have a subject matter expert on staff who has performed a similar role in the same industry as the position you’re looking to fill. In other cases, we will enlist the assistance of subject matter experts in our network that can educate our staff, or assist in the evaluation of prospective candidates.


We make sure that we don’t waste your time, or that of your HR department or your hiring managers. We only send qualified candidates with proper subject matter expertise and a proven history of success.  We pride ourselves in this regard. Please feel free to check with us on our experience within your industry.  We are happy to provide client references, and will work with you to make sure we’re an effective partner on your recruiting team.