Senior Data Scientist - Online Advertising, RTB, DMP, Search, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Predictive Analytics, Apache Spark, MLlib, Vowpal Wabbit, R, Matlab, Hadoop, Pig, Hbase, Python, Java, Scala - New York, NY

Our ad tech client collects billions of events per day from integrations with advertisers, search providers, and the fast moving and quickly growing real-time online advertising exchanges. We are a data-driven company, and believe our data has great stories to tell us. As a Senior Data Scientist, you will help us scrub, organize, and interpret our data to help it tell us its stories. Your research results will go into production and help us improve our practices and our business. You will detect and combat online fraud, model user behaviors, optimize campaign results, and digest messy natural language searches into actionable keyword strings.

We’re committed to providing our data science team the best tools for the job, so we use a mix of cutting-edge technologies like Spark, MLlib, and Vowpal Wabbit alongside such stalwart regulars in the big data space as Hadoop, Pig, and HBase. We tie this all together with a healthy helping of Python and R. We are open to new technologies as long as they make business sense.

Best of all, our engineering team is committed to making improvements in the areas you will be studying. We like to move fast, and you will see your ideas improving our production systems every day.

Required Experience & Skills:

  • M.S. or PhD in Math, CS, Statistics or related field, and 5+ years of relevant industry experience
  • Expertise in machine learning, data mining and predictive analytics
  • Proficient with mathematical and statistical methods and techniques including regression, A/B testing, cluster analysis, decision trees, probability theory, predictive modeling and auction theory
  • Experience with statistical software such as Matlab, R
  • Hands on development skills in Python, Java or Scala
  • Expert in algorithm development
  • Great interpersonal, written and verbal communication skills; including the ability to create technical specifications, debate technical tradeoffs, and explain technical concepts to business users

Preferred Background:

  • Previous Data Science experience at an advertising network, search engine, or internet startup
  • 1+ year of experience working with Hadoop, Spark, Pig, Hive, Hbase and/or MapReduce
  • Building optimization algorithms for transactions in Real Time Bidding advertising systems
  • Experience with audience segmentation, conversion attribution/modeling, online advertising fraud detection, or search keyword analysis and contextualization
  • Proficient in Agile development, and able to integrate tightly with business and operations teams