Vice President, Technology Operations - DevOps, Linux, AWS, Python, Hadoop, Spark, HBase, Kafka, Impala, Vertica, Aerospike, Chef, Ansible - New York, NY

The Vice President, Technical Operations will set standards for infrastructure and infrastructure-as-code; manage and mentor our team of devops engineers; work closely with our core engineering and product teams to effectively embed devops engineers within an established Agile SCRUM process; evangelize for the devops mentality; help us evaluate and implement cutting edge open source technologies; and improve and expand our monitoring and alerting; and help us prevent, rather than respond to, production incidents.

The VP, TechOps reports directly to the CTO, and is a position with wide responsibilities and deep influence on the future of our advertising platform and products. We actively solicit ideas for improving our products and processes from all corners of the organization, and we are looking for someone committed to helping us make our products better, and make them work better.

The primary responsibilities of the Vice President, Technology Operations will include:

  • Establishing best practices for devops engineers to work within established Agile SCRUM teams, and cross-training core engineering and product teams to collaborate with operations
  • Defining a roadmap for operational excellence in our engineering department, and ensuring that as we build more and more sophisticated products, we can automate and monitor them reliably
  • Evaluating new technologies, products, and vendors from an operability perspective
  • Representing and evangelizing for the best interests of the engineering department to key stakeholders throughout the company
  • Helping our technology and infrastructure cope with scale, whether it be petabytes of data at rest, or billions of transactions in flight
  • Training employees to be effective while on call, guiding the evolution of incident response procedures, and participating in first responder duties
  • Designing a formal training plan for onboarding new operations personnel, so that they have the expertise and skills to develop and maintain operational excellence
  • Managing Vendor relationships and contract negotiations for our tech stack.

There are 5 key criteria that a successful candidate must demonstrate:

  • Proven experience running large scale production operations.
  • Working knowledge and a good understanding of the language and technologies of the online advertising landscape. We use Python, Spark, HBase, Kafka, and Impala for our heaviest lifting components.
  • An exceptional communicator and negotiator, capable of high-touch interactions with both technical and non-technical personnel inside and outside of our company.
  • Motivation to build and develop the devops guild: succession planning, career development, and recruiting.
  • Proven knowledge of open source technologies and a preference to use them where appropriate.


  • A seasoned Technology executive with a minimum of 8 years of leadership and extensive experience and expertise in technology operations (use of public and private cloud in a multi-datacenter environment preferred), budgeting, vendor management, and people leadership.
  • Must appreciate and be effective in a collegial and team oriented atmosphere with a desire to be a part of a fast-moving, dynamic management team in contrast to simply building a state-of-the-art department or managing a static organization.
  • Strong interpersonal communication and relational skills with executive presence and proven ability to lead, inspire, mentor, develop and guide a team of technology professionals.
  • Must be an effective advocate of the use of technology through sharing, defending and promoting his or her views and thoughts with the leadership, and presenting information in a highly credible manner to stakeholders and employees.
  • A compelling desire to excel in applying information technology to help us meet our goals and objectives and to compete successfully and cost effectively.
  • Knowledgeable about and experienced with cloud providers (AWS), big data technologies (Hadoop, Spark), analytic technologies (Impala, Vertica, Aerospike), Operating Systems (Linux) and networking, and Orchestration Tools (Chef, Ansible).
  • Strong ambition to see operations and development specialists work closely together under an Agile development process to the success of all, rather than imposing or allowing walls to form between departments.
  • Implement operational best practices for difficult and complex technical issues and to learn and adapt from the reactive nature of the work.
  • Conduct post-mortems to ensure that production incidents do not recur.
  • Focus on identifying technical debt and building a plan to address the risk and liabilities. Develop metrics to show progress on this effort.