Senior Data Scientist - Computational Video Advertising, Regression, Clustering, Ensemble Methods, Lookalike, K-nearest Neighbors, R, Python, SAS, Weka, Matlab, Mahout, SparkML, GraphX, OpenCV, SQL, Relational, NoSQL, Hadoop, MapReduce, New York, NY

Our ad tech client dynamically creates and deploys many thousands of permutations of video ads for major brand advertisers and uses machine learning and computational techniques to personalize these videos and messages to consumers.  We're looking for a Senior Data Scientist to research and investigate academic and industrial data mining, machine learning and modeling techniques to apply to our specific business cases. This team will be dedicated to driving our data science efforts for top-tier multi-channel marketers and national brands.


  • 2+ years of experience in Data Science or R&D
  • Masters/PhD in Physics, Computer Science, Mathematics, Engineering, Biostatistics or Related Field
  • Extensive knowledge of statistical and machine learning techniques (i.e. regression analysis, clustering, decision trees, ensemble methods, and collaborative filtering)
  • Extensive knowledge of Lookalike methods (i.e. K-nearest neighbors, association rules, and matrix factorization)
  • Understanding of Frequentist and Bayesian approaches and bootstrapping
  • Ability to prototype quickly and conduct models and analyses using tools and languages like R, Python, SAS, Weka, Matlab,, Mahout, SparkML, GraphX, OpenCV
  • Understanding of SQL, NoSql, relational databases, Hadoop, Map Reduce
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills


  • Unlimited Vacation Policy
  • Medical, Dental & Vision Benefits
  • 401K
  • Employee Stock Purchase Plan