Yield Manager - Six Sigma Black Belt, Portfolio Management, Ad Campaigns, Mobile, RTB, Display, Media Buying, Campaign Performance, Excel, SQL, Data Analysis - New York, NY

Our client, a mobile advertising platform provider, is seeking a Six Sigma Black Belt with primary responsibility of ensuring fulfillment, performance and profitability across a portfolio of client online and mobile advertising campaigns.  Second responsibility is to investigate new ways to drive engagement and efficiency with audiences within mobile RTB, including the application of existing academic theories:

  • Graph theory
  • Network theory
  • Topology
  • Effective field theory
  • Gauge theory
  • Statistical learning
  • Control theory
  • Adaptive resonance theory
  • Fuzzy set theory


More than 1 year of experience implementing six sigma in new environment

Further Qualifications:

  • Bachelor's degree in physics, chemistry, or engineering preferred
  • Six sigma black belt strongly preferred
  • Have a need for perfectionism, and self-aware of that need
  • Experienced significant risk and failure and recovered from it
  • Demonstrated passion in science, and impatience for immediate testing and application of theory
  • Experience and curiosity with Excel, relational database, or object-oriented programming
  • Ability to develop high level knowledge of RTB, ad server technology, user-level data, media attribution, SQL/data analysis, and general digital media tracking/data landscape
  • Have confidence to defend your opinion logically and respectfully, and have empathy to listen to and understand other’s points of views
  • Desire to thrive in a constantly changing and dynamic startup environment