Lead Data Scientist - Frequentist vs. Bayesian, Regression, Clustering, Decision Trees, Lookalike Modeling, K-nearest Neighbor, R, Matlab, SAS, Java, Python, SQL, NoSQL, Hadoop, REST APIs - New York, NY

As Lead Data Scientist, you will help figure out how to change the way decisions are made in acquisitions, sales, marketing, risk and operations as well as focus on R&D and ultimately, change the way the financial services industry deploys capital.


  • 3 years+ of experience in research and data analysis
  • Strong knowledge of statistical and machine learning techniques such as regression analysis, clustering, decision trees, ensemble methods, collaborative filtering, Look Alike methods e.g. K-nearest neighbors, association rules, and matrix factorization.  Needs basic knowledge in Frequentist vs. Bayesian approaches and bootstrapping.
  • Ability to transform data and prototype quickly to conduct statistical analyses using R, SAS, Java, Python
  • Proficiency with SQL and relational databases as well as experience in Hadoop operating systems and utilities, developing APIs in Hadoop Stack, Java, Perl, Python is required.   Knowledge of PHP and XML is also needed.
  • Ability to express yourself in a clear and concise manner in both written and verbal discussions


  • Masters/PhD in Computer Science, Mathematics, Engineering, Biostatistics or Equivalent